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Communications in Asset Management Has Changed – Have You?

Globalization meets social media in the asset management world. The traditional ways of finding an investor or an investor finding a fund manager are rapidly changing in the asset management world. In the past, investor and fund manager introductions were strictly controlled. Managers sought out intermediaries such as capital introduction teams at banks or third […]

Asset Managers Face Brand Pressure on Climate Risk

Asset managers are being pushed to re-think how they are handling climate change and the impact this could have on their brand in response to pressure from other managers and activists. Yesterday, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink announced in its annual investment letter that made front page news that it would from now on make investment decisions with […]

Why We Favor a Long-Game PR Approach

Clients often ask us why a long-term, sustained and robust public relations program is better than a short-term strategy that leverages one-off successes. This is a good question because hiring a PR agency requires a commitment of capital resources and manpower in order to see the benefit to the bottom line. ROI sometimes requires an […]

Tweet Wisely

Why Trump-Style media bullying on Twitter could backfire for fund managers. The immediacy and potential power of social media can be an intoxicating avenue for financial services managers to undertake. Still, that does not mean it is something they should do.  That is because building relationships with key editors and reporters often takes long-term planning and […]


Companies cannot afford to ignore the importance of public relations. Executing a well-oiled communications plan that includes a thoughtful and purposeful approach to public relations is vital to today’s businesses, large and small, and in nearly all industry verticals.  As the speed of business continues to move faster every day, companies cannot afford to ignore […]

Making the case for hedge fund managers to leverage the power of social media

Despite evidence of social media’s financial and business impact growing every day, most hedge fund managers are still hesitant to leverage this powerful tool to communicate with potential investors and portfolio company shareholders. In fact, only 11.1 percent of the 300 largest hedge fund managers globally had any kind of social media presence other than […]

Committing to a Guest-Writing Program is (Vital and) Easy; Now Comes the Hard Part

We recently explored the intrinsic value of writing guest articles for news sources, chief among them elevating you and your company’s thought leadership, earning that all-important third-party credibility and using your article as a marketing tool for new business development, but the key to this important public relations tactic is how to go about creating […]

A News Piece Just Tore Your Firm to Shreds, Now What?

A few weeks ago hedge fund luminary Paul Singer, founder of Elliott Management, was the subject of a negative piece written by Quartz that derided his “boldly bare-knuckled” model. To be sure, Singer’s aggressive tactics have earned him an infamous reputation in some circles, but to be fair, this article lacked any sense of balance […]

Financial Services Client Relations in the Post-Truth Era

In today’s news landscape of loose fact checking, carelessness in telling the truth, and the ease of outright lying, it can be tempting for clients to encourage their public relations professionals to play fast-and-fancy-free with words to improve the companies’ public profile. The proliferation of fake news and alternative facts seem to offer the opportune […]

Bylines Remain as Important Today as They Ever Were

Writing guest articles for trade publications, or “bylines,” is still one of the most powerful and effective public relations tactics in the strategic communications toolbox. Why? Because a handful of goals can be attained with the publication of each piece of writing. “Done correctly, exposure on these sites can represent a strong endorsement for your […]