Advisor Crossing RIA Data Search Site Goes Live

Advisor Crossing, an information resource company serving the financial services industry, today launched a non-subscription, cost-free website to facilitate more efficient information searching of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), including registered hedge funds and private equity firms.

The SEC Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (“IAPD”) website has long been the industry go-to resource and the only cost-free source for all data required to achieve RIA designation status. Advisor Crossing, via its new website, now does the SEC IAPD search for its clients, accessing the information and culling the data for users so they do not have to wade through thousands of RIA documents and regulatory data to find the specific information pertinent to their queries and concerns.

The impetus for the website was to provide a resource to financial services industry professionals that allows users to access the information they need about RIAs in a timely and efficient manner. Other than the SEC IAPD website, the only other search sources available are subscription based and often have hefty monthly service fees.

What Advisor Crossing offers is a means for users to focus their searches on the exact criteria they need, such as how many employees a firm has, where its offices are located, the amount of assets it has under management, services rendered and what those assets are exactly. The SEC’s IAPD website provides information on RIAs and keeps it current, but Advisor Crossing allows you to filter through that information to find the advisers and funds matching your criteria. You can pinpoint the matches you are looking for and find them fast.

Industry professionals who used the SEC IAPD website regularly will appreciate the more efficient search, to cut down on the time and tedium of searching without a filter. Advisor Crossing performs the searching for a user. Advisor Crossing goes to the SEC IAPD website and filters the information in the ADV forms to meet specific search criteria and provides only the relevant information a user wants.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that registered investment advisors file a 2-part ADV form to register with the SEC and state authorities. All information on the ADV form is available to the public on the SEC Investment Advisor Public Disclosure website.

Offering a quick and efficient RIA search resource is an imperative in the investment advisor business, as is transparency. Advisor Crossing aims to unlock the vast amounts of information the government stores on RIAs, hedge funds, and private equity firms, among others, to help increase transparency across the industry. They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and gathering intelligence on RIAs is paramount in assisting the success of financial services professionals. If you are a financial services professional, or anyone looking for data on an RIA, and find yourself at a crossroads in where to look for that information, you now have a cost-free, comprehensive, and quick resource in Advisor Crossing.